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ProClienta Group, s.r.o. has been active in the Slovak market since 2014. We provide services based on our many years of experience in the fields of construction management, construction implementation, legal, and real estate services. We provide comprehensive client-oriented services. Among our core values are understanding the client’s interests, anticipating their needs, and high-quality work. Our processes correspond with the requirements and established practices of ambitious and demanding investors. Our project management, real estate, and construction activities cover all processes from preparation to the implementation of plans in the fields of the development of administrative buildings, residential buildings, industrial and sports parks, and other constructions. We make every effort to propose rational and cost-effective solutions for the realization of investment projects. Regular reporting to the investor including detailed documentation and transparent financial accounting of the construction corresponding with international standards is a matter we take for granted.
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New Generation Hospital Bratislava
Nemocnica Novej Generácie Bory
The hospital is located in Bratislava neighborhood called Lamač. The main objective was to build a modern hospital, which provides urgent and ambulatory care to everyone from day one in specialized medical facilities. Of all the hospitals in Slovakia, this one surpasses them in terms of modern design and technological equipment. The total area is 53k m2 within 5 floors. The complex consists of eight wings all connected to a shared base with 8 elevators.
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Sand Resort Dúbravka Agáty
In Dúbravka you will soon be welcomed by new houses and apartments, which are a combination of family housing, high technical design and investment in the peaceful part of the city.Agáty on Agátová street belong to the greenest part of Bratislava's Dúbravka. From the south, you are attracted by the scenic views and the nature trails, and from the north, a movie, a kindergarten or a hospital are within easy reach. In the area, the Agateans will see a swimming pool, an increase in the housing quality and the strengthening of family and neighbourhood relationships.
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Bory Home III
Bory Home 3
The third phase of the Bory Home project offers stylish, modern and affordable housing in the Bory district, especially for young people. It is based on a simple and straightforward structure. Residents will certainly appreciate a kindergarten in walking distance, a public park with plenty of green areas, cycling routes or multifunctional playgrounds. The public areas of this phase include squares, playgrounds, parks and lakes. The advantage of 8 apartment buildings is the close accessibility to a hospital or a shopping center.
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Accommodation facility
Ubytovacie zariadenie
Comfortable accommodation for hospital staff, but also temporary accommodation for doctors and nurses attending conferences and training sessions. The facility includes receptions, central kitchens, social rooms, but also bicycle storage and a laundry room. Good accessibility to the center of Bratislava is provided by public transport, which will be expanded with a tram line in the near future.
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Bory Home I
Bory Home 1
Bory Home I is a pilot project of the new residential part of Bory. It consists of 10 apartment buildings in the city park. The goal was to create healthy and attractive housing with a priority on walking and leisure activities. Bory represents a combination of family housing with complete public amenities and good accessibility to the center.
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Kindergarten Bory
Materská škola Bory
The Kindergarten Bory is realized with the purpose of developing the civil amenities of the Bratislava – Lamač district. The kindergarten is located in the wider neighborhood of the shopping center Bory Mall, the new residential zone with nine residential houses Bory Home, and the New Generation Hospital. The kindergarten is constructed as a modern single-story building with high standards for 70 children (5 classes). The kindergarten campus includes communications, parking, walking paths, paved surfaces, and playgrounds.
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Parking House Digital Park
Parkovací dom Digital Park
The Parking House Digital Park is located in close proximity to the Digital Park administrative complex, in Bratislava – Petržalka district. It includes six above-ground floors (the roof is drivable) and one underground floor. The parking building serves the Digital Park, but due to its independent controlled entrance and exit, it operates independently of the other parking spaces in the complex.
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ProClienta Group, s.r.o. has been active in the Slovak market since 2014. We provide services based on our many years of experience.

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